About 4

  • Name 

first draft :  4/4 (unity, togetherness, one)

(final name) ‘4’ because we decided to just make it simple and be straightforward with our concept


  • Description

first draft: The negative meaning to the number 4 in some East Asian Cultures lies on the way it sounds which is similar to the pronunciation of the word ‘death’. However, in the Chinese musical scale 4 is pronounced as ‘Fa’ which has the same sound as ‘fortune’. Some people regard 4 as a propitious and lucky number and there is an old saying in Chinese (be wealthy all year round). Therefore the 4 are going against the traditional cultural norms of the unlucky number 4; transforming a cultural taboo into amazing & creative possibilities.

second draft : 4 is a final project presented by 4 designers from diploma in Graphic Communication Design at Taylor’s University. The title represents a whole, completion and unity. It is to describe the bond between the 4 designers throughout the years together.

(final description)

4 is a final project presented by 4 designers from diploma in Graphic Communication Design at Taylor’s University. The reason for the title and concept of this exhibition is simple and straightforward. It represents the striking differences between our style and identity through the four different colors. But when those four contrasting colors are merged together they form a unique and one of a kind piece of art; that is irreplaceable.

Tagline : 4 Designers, 4 Days, 1 Exhibition


  • Design concept/ finding our aesthetic

first draft


we all agreed to proceed with this approach but instead of using digital element we decided to have a photoshoot with real paint



we shot the main design element, the hand and our portraits for the booklet



Poster, Stickers/Invitation and FB header

  1. creating a suitable pattern – Photoshop liquify edit done one images took during photoshoot

2. Main element retouch -Photoshop on reducing grain, paint patchiness & colour correcting (left-after, right-before)

3. Applying

  • Poster Drafts


(final poster)

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 1.19.20 AM.png

  • FB header


  • Stickers/Invitation



(final handout stickers & invitation stickers)dnt



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